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Shearing Service:
Growing up on a small family farm here in NJ, one of our many tasks was shearing the sheep. Since the sheep were our 4-H project Dad would supply materials and advice, but it was up to us kids to do the work. Thus since the age of 12 I have been shearing sheep. 

Notice: 03/10/2010 The New Shearing Season is now Underway!
Call us at (609) 466-3280  or Email John to make an appointment to have your sheep sheared.  Remember that March is not too early to start shearing your sheep. Also let me know if you want your animals to be wormed or not.  I can provide wormer for what it costs me to buy. My price will vary according to your location from Ringoes, NJ, the number of sheep you have, and the breed of sheep that you have. In general I charge 20.00 per animal and a setup fee of 25.00 for a local call.  The more sheep the lower the price. Also I am willing to travel for even 1 animal, and have gone as far as over 150 miles for just 2 animals.
My Current Booked dates. If a date is booked give a call, and if I am in the area close by I will try to get to you.

Blade sharpening:
We have the correct equipment to sharpen all combs and cutters. Our custom made grinding rig is the same type of unit that is used in the shearing sheds ofAustraliaand New Zealand.  I can give your combs and cutters the correct hollow grind, which is the real secret to making them work. Combs and cutters should be cleaned before they are sent for sharpening.  I will charge a 5.00 fee if I have to clean them up in order to sharpen them.  Clean means free of wool and fleece grease.

Item Price Please Mail Blades
with a return Address to: Autumn Days Farm
                                      249 Wertsville Rd
                                      Ringoes, NJ 08551

If you live near by, then feel free to call me. I can do your blades on the spot while you wait
Cutters 1.50
Combs 3.00
Shipping 6.00

Legal Disclaimer: I hate to add this but in NJ one has no choice
The act of shearing sheep does present possible dangers to the animal.These include but are not limited to minor cuts,nicks to the skin, and the possibility of death and or mutilation or amputation of body parts.Also sheep which are in poor body condition or health can suffer from shock leading to death, either during or after shearing.

Some Shearing Facts:
The world record for shearing sheep is 839 lambs in 9 hours by Rodney Sutton of New Zealand (2000) and 720 ewes in 9 hours by Darin Forde of New Zealand. The most sheep shorn in an 8 hour period using hand blades is 50 by Janos Marton of Hungary (2003).