Here is the small shed I built with the help of my brother-in-law Fred.  In fact you will here a lot about Fred, since it always seems that I am asking him to help me do things.  Lucky for me he is a great guy who likes me.  Not many in laws will come help you when you ask them to help shear sheep, put a roof on a barn or do other things requiring hard manual labor.  I just tell Fred that with me. he does not need to join a Gym and is really saving a lot of money.  In fact the roof on the barn was a major operation.  The job had to be done this year or else I was going to lose the whole barn.   An example of a lost barn is the one below. 

This was part of the original barn from the 1800's.  However due to years of neglect, water,rain and rot finished this barn off.  Currenly I have an old jack used for the railroad cars holding the structure up for now.  However she will have to go, and we hope to put a pole barn up in it's place.

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